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Please review the information below prior to filling out an online application.

At iehouses Property Management we do not have set qualifications for moving into one of our homes. What we would like to see is verifiable gross income at least 3 times the amount of the monthly rent and a good present/previous landlord rating. However, we are flexible and want to work with you to get you into one of our rentals. Please fill out the attached APPLICATION, and do not forget to:

  • Be sure the application is complete, with phone numbers of all past landlords, employment, etc.
  • Sign the application
  • Pay the processing fee online, or bring in Application and all supporting documents into the office and pay by cash (only).

Each person 18 years old or older who is going to reside in the property MUST fill out an application and pay the processing fee.

Processing fee is $40 per applicant. We only accept cash for this fee in the office. All rents and security deposits must be paid by money order/ cashier check OR online.

Please bring in with your application copies of:

  • Social security card (Drivers License will be needed if you are approved)
  • Your last 2 months of pay check stubs
  • Verification of any other income, such as AFDC, child support, Alimony, SSI, etc.

If you are self-employed or work on commission please bring in copies of:

  • All bank statement's for the last 2 months; Plus 1099 and/or anything else you think would help prove your income

PLEASE READ: Failure to provide these items or to fill out the application completely (including account numbers, phone numbers, etc.) will delay the processing of your application. All Leases, unless otherwise noted, are for one year. All payments of rent/ security deposits are by cashier's check/money order only OR online.

To fill out an online application:

  1. Click on the Rental List tab
  2. Click on the property you wish to apply for
  3. Click the "Apply Now" link